Where the cyst lived.

This is a picture taken the morning after I had the infected cyst removed from my back.  Yuck.  My wonderful, amazing wife, Elise, had to change the dressing for me (ie – she pulled that little string out and put new gauze in).  Yep, my honey loves me. 😀

So, Abby and I tore up the carpet in one of the bedrooms, and we found a beautiful (except for a few dings) wood floor underneath!  She was such a big helper.

This weekend the Gospodareks, some of our Army buddies, stayed at our house. The girls had a great time. We went out to Casey Jones Village, so Emma and Abby got to play on a real steam engine and play with all the toys. It was a little hot (so the parents were sweating it), but the girls had a blast!

After a long nap at home, the girls got to play in the playhouse and go swimming in the backyard. They were adorable. Abby starting chasing Emma with a cup of water and from there they took turns chasing each other. When it came time for an evening movie, Emma made a point of picking at Brad by saying, “You don’t have Cinderella….I have Cinderella at my house and it is sooo good.”  We thought they had worn themselves out but they still managed to stay up until 10:30 or 11:00, Saturday night. We had some tired, cranky girls on our hand. (It mostly Abby who had a fairly large case of both the cranks and the grumps.)

However, when asked to recap weekend Abby exclaimed, “I had so much fun with Mr. Jason, Mrs. Katie, and Ms. Emma!”

This afternoon I will make another post including some fun pictures from this weekend.

The Girls Were Absolutely Adorable!


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